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Guns & Gold Partnership Program

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How much would (or do you spend) on marketing to obtain a new customer? What’s the lifetime value of your new customers? What if there were a better way to obtain new clients? A way to get new customers into your store without risk to you or spending a dime on advertising?

As a nationwide precious metals investment firm, we have had great success over the last decade marketing to gun owners as they tend to have the same values and outlook on the economy as precious metals investors.  It isn’t by chance that one of our retail locations is located next door to one of San Diego’s largest gun shops…and it has proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Today, we would like to grow our influence and help you bring new customers into your store and to your website by becoming your Guns & Gold Partner. Both the firearms business and precious metals business have many intricacies and require a certain degree of knowledge regarding product, logistics and regulatory compliance.  We want to offer our knowledge and expertise to customers that are looking for our products in your area, by offering our clients that ability to pick up precious metals purchased from us at your storefront…what safer place to pick up precious metals than at a gun shop, right?

Here’s how our Guns & Gold Partner program works:

A customer in your area Googles one of our search terms in your local area. Because you have partnered with us through our Guns & Gold Partner program as an authorized pickup partner, your storefront will show as a gold and silver bullion store!  Now this doesn’t require that you hold any inventory or learn a new business…we take care of everything.

For every one of our clients that picks up from your store, we will pay you a $20 fee for handling the transaction, and its quite possible that while in your store to pick up their gold or silver, that new customer will purchase a safe to store their gold, or a Benelli or ammo to protect it.  You get the point…  In any case, it gives you an opportunity to get in front of a new customer at no cost, or possibly offer a non-competing product or service to existing customers.  Maybe it brings in a repeat customer that hadn’t planned on coming in, who then realizes they need more ammo.  In any case, there’s no risk to you!

Additional Benefits of our Gold Partner Program Include:

  • Marketing material for your countertops letting your clients know that you have partnered with a reputable, trusted precious metals investment firm.  For every sale that you refer to us, we will pay you a 10% commission on the gross profit.
  • A promotional email blast to our extensive database letting our clients and prospects within a 50-mile radius of your store that we have partnered up with your company.
  • A backlink on our website that includes an image of your storefront, address, phone, email, website and a bio (to be provided by you) that shows you as one of our trusted delivery partners.
  • Banner ads for your website that promote our partnership and precious metals.
All We Ask of Our Partners:
  • Accept a Google pin drop – showing you as our trusted delivery partner.
  • We ask that you send out an email blast to your database letting them know of our new partnership and set our promotional materials out on your countertops.

We feel that our Guns & Gold Partner program is a mutually beneficial relationship, truly a Win-Win-Win.

To learn more, download our Guns & Gold Partnership Brochure or click the link below.

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