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First National Bullion is a top rated Precious Metals Broker/Dealer with programs designed to assist investors in the  purchase of precious metals for deliverystorageor for IRA Accounts, and to educate investors about the opportunity and risks associated with precious metal investing. Trust is everything in this business. Having completed well over 100 Million dollars in precious metals transactions you can rest assured you are in good hands with First National Bullion.


Our Company's Mission, is a very simple one. We work hard to source and serve as many people as we can and put them on the road to prosperity. Our company subscribes to a very old fashioned value system where the client is the cause of our business not an interruption to that business process. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated. We are always trying to raise the bar.

At First National Bullion we believe the best investment decision is an educated and well-considered one. With the current political landscape, and a dismal outlook for most asset classes there is truly no better time or place to gather information and reassess your investment strategies.

It is our dedication to provide premier service and the utmost attempt to provide the most reliable information possible, to our clients allowing them to make the best possible educated decisions, to obtain their financial goals. Opening an account with First National Bullion, will give you instant buying power, and you will be able to enter the precious metals market whenever you feel the time is right.

At First National Bullion we specialize in helping investors diversify a percentage of their portfolio into hard assets such as goldsilverplatinum, and palladium with investment strategies intended to maximize returns through the purchase of  physical precious metals. Our website is designed to help educate you about gold and silver coins, precious metals and their prices and markets. Both network of dealers and us seek to earn your business by providing timely information and unsurpassed service.

Our dealers assist investors on how to buy and sell gold or silver coins for IRA Accounts - First National Bullion in San Diego, CA.

Latest news

Silver undervalued

Silver Cheapest to Gold in 7 Years – ETFHoldings Surge

Back in 2011 , the last time we had a major move in gold and silver, the silver to gold ratio dropped to 30 to 1! Today the ratio is 82 to 1, and silver is extremely under valued as it was back then.  If gold climbs back to $1,500…

silver image


  China has been an unofficial price-setter for most metals over the past decade. And this week, the country became an official participant in setting prices for one of the world’s most important precious metals markets. That’s the London Bullion Market silver price. Where one of China’s largest banks just…

Golden Cross


Frank Holmes February 29, 2016 U.S. Global Investors click to enlarge Last Friday, gold experienced a “golden cross,” a technical indicator that occurs when an asset’s 50-day moving average crosses above its 200-day moving average. It’s the first such movement in nearly two years and is a sign that gold…


The Gold Bull Market Will Reach the Mania Phase

According to our resident investment guru Doug Case, all major, secular bull markets have three phases. (This is important, so you know where we’re at and where all this is going.) Stealth Phase This is the very beginning of a bull market and the best time to buy, when stocks…

silver price

Silver Market In Disarray After Benchmark Price Fix Manipulation

As Bulliondesk.com’s Ian Walker reports, the silver market was thrown into disarray on Thursday After the LBMA Silver Price was set 84 cents below the spot and futures price this morning. The LBMA Silver Price – the crucial daily benchmark used by producers and traders around the world to settle silver products…


The Big Silver Short: Manipulation

The WRAP  There was one thing I learned from the movie [The Big Short] that I hadn’t realized before, that also bears a striking similarity to a major development in silver. Towards the movie’s climax, the hedge fund mortgage shorts suffered intense financial pressure and margin calls due to the value of…

global Depression

Michael Pento – Devastating Metastasizing Global Depression On Its Way

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Financial expert and money manager Michael Pento is forecasting a global depression, and Pento contends, “It’s happening. It’s happening now. This is not your garden variety recession. You have impotent central bankers and impotent sovereign nations. How many more empty cities is China going to…

petrodollar chart

The Birth of the PetroYuan

Give me that!!   It belongs to the Chinese now! h/t @FedPorn As we previously detailed, two topics we’ve deemed critically important to a thorough understanding of both global finance and the shifting geopolitical landscape are the death of the petrodollar and the idea of yuan hegemony.  In November 2014, in…


Gundlach: Gold Prices Set to Surge 30 Percent

Gold is poised to surge to $1,400 an ounce as investors seek havens in the volatile global stock market, according to famed money manager Jeffrey Gundlach. Gundlach, the CEO of big bond house DoubleLine Capital, sees the precious metal soon climbing 30 percent higher from its current price of $1,090….

Ron Paul

Ron Paul Says to Watch the Petrodollar

Jon Cavuoto of FIRST NATIONAL BULLION with Ron Paul “There have been only two times in history that the dollar index has dropped below 75 cents. First time was in 2008 and we had a record move in gold (first time ever over $1,000)!  The  second time was back in 2011…