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First National Bullion is a top rated Precious Metals Broker/Dealer with programs designed to assist investors in the  purchase of precious metals for deliverystorageor for IRA Accounts, and to educate investors about the opportunity and risks associated with precious metal investing. Trust is everything in this business. Having completed well over 100 Million dollars in precious metals transactions you can rest assured you are in good hands with First National Bullion.


Our Company's Mission, is a very simple one. We work hard to source and serve as many people as we can and put them on the road to prosperity. Our company subscribes to a very old fashioned value system where the client is the cause of our business not an interruption to that business process. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated. We are always trying to raise the bar.

At First National Bullion we believe the best investment decision is an educated and well-considered one. With the current political landscape, and a dismal outlook for most asset classes there is truly no better time or place to gather information and reassess your investment strategies.

It is our dedication to provide premier service and the utmost attempt to provide the most reliable information possible, to our clients allowing them to make the best possible educated decisions, to obtain their financial goals. Opening an account with First National Bullion, will give you instant buying power, and you will be able to enter the precious metals market whenever you feel the time is right.

At First National Bullion we specialize in helping investors diversify a percentage of their portfolio into hard assets such as goldsilverplatinum, and palladium with investment strategies intended to maximize returns through the purchase of  physical precious metals. Our website is designed to help educate you about precious metals and their markets. We seek to earn your business by providing timely information and unsurpassed service.

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The Wrap ~ Ted Butler

The WRAP There is no doubt in my mind that the clear lessons of the physical shortage in silver in early 2011 were learned quite well by the largest physical silver holder in history, JPMorgan. In fact, it was the developing silver shortage that caught the bank completely off-guard and…

U.S. silver coin sales highest on record

Physical Silver Demand Exploding: US Mint Sales Hit New Record

OCTOBER 1, 2015 BY SAMUEL BRYAN The demand for physical silver is absolutely through the roof. The mainstream media has finally caught up with a story we began reporting on back in July. Yesterday, Reuters reported booming worldwide demand for silver coins: “The global silver-coin market is in the grips…


Under appreciated Silver

Silver is one of the most underappreciated assets in recent years, but there are signs the grey metal may jump 420% again. The last time silver prices made such extraordinary gains was from 2009 to 2011 when silver nearly topped $50.00 an ounce. The indicator that foreshadowed that rise is…

2000 Gold Bull

Turning $1 Billion into $5 Billion ~ Ted Butler

Today, I will attempt to make the case for how one might go about turning one billion dollars into five billion dollars by buying silver. At first, some of my specific points might seem to be at odds with my long held argument that fully paid for positions in the…


Shocking Gold Price Manipulation

COMEX right now owns a record low 351,519 ounces of registered gold stocks in its physical gold inventories. This compares to 43.5 million ounces of paper gold currently open in futures contracts. A record low 0.8% of COMEX paper gold is currently backed by physical gold or 1 ounce of…


San Diego Yacht Club’s “First National Bullion Bay Race”

FIRST NATIONAL BULLION BAY RACE, sponsored by San Diego’s “Premier Gold and Silver Destination” for buying and selling precious metals, is Friday, May 1st.  It is going to be really hot this weekend. This is a great event for families, captains, or anyone looking to escape the rising temperatures. San…

Peak Gold

Goldman’s Sachs report : “There are only 20 years of known mineable reserves of gold and diamonds.”

The explored reserves of gold, diamonds and zinc will be enough for 20 years of extraction, according media reports citing Goldman Sachs research. The explored reserves of platinum, copper and nickel will last for 40 years. “The combination of very low concentrations of metals in the Earth’s crust, and very…


Dont Buy Strong Dollar Hype

March 2002 to March 2015 the US Dollar was down 20% while Gold was up 257% Turn your dollars into gold. The most simple laws of economics buy low sell high. Sell the dollar high and buy gold at multi year lows. Call First National Bullion at 800-866-0879 American Gold…

Dow Chart

Sell Stocks at Record Highs, Buy Gold at Multi Year Lows

A time to sell stocks and buy gold? Bill Haynes March 25th, 2015 Wars, economic crises and stock market declines have major impacts on investor interest in the precious metals. Leaving the potential for wars and economic crises aside, what is the likelihood that stocks are set to enter a…


Gold Rose Big During Historical Fed Rate Hikes

Historically since 1970, the Fed Funds Rate has averaged 5.66% vs. the current Fed Funds Rate of 0.11%. There have been four major periods of the Federal Reserve raising the Fed Funds Rate from below its average of 5.66%, and gold prices have increased during all four of these periods…

Gold & Silver Charts