Gold $2,352.60   $-6.50  Silver $28.04   $-0.23  Platinum $979.20   $-14.50  Palladium $1,053.00   $-11.50

Palladium rings were once fairly popular, and they’re still appealing today. One of the reasons for this trend in the past was because palladium rings used to be less expensive than similar-looking ones containing platinum. However, palladium is more expensive today because of its rarity and a few other factors. Below, the precious metals experts from First National Bullion, the palladium, platinum, silver, and gold dealers San Diego collectors rely on for outstanding quality and service, discuss whether or not a palladium ring is worth anything.

The Short Answer Is Typically Yes

With any piece of jewelry, many factors go into determining its actual value. That being said, a high-quality ring that contains palladium is likely to have a decent value associated with it. Part of the reason is because of what’s going on with this particular precious metal today.

Palladium Is More Valuable than Gold & Silver

A silvery-white precious metal, palladium isn’t the most expensive of all precious metals, but it’s certainly up there. In fact, it’s more valuable than gold and silver, in part because of demand fueled by its use in the manufacturing of electronics and industrial products. It also tops platinum when it comes to current market value. On average, prices for palladium rings today are around $2,000, according to

Various Factors Affect the Value of Palladium Rings

The exact worth of a palladium ring, as is the case with any other ring, depends on a handful of factors. These include:

• Its overall condition
• The size of any diamonds or gemstones included in the ring
• The age of the ring and its original price
• The setting and design of the ring
• How much actual palladium is in the ring

Top-Quality Palladium Rings Could Have More Value Today

Since 2019, palladium has experienced a growth in value of more than 50 percent, and this trend doesn’t appear likely to be changing anytime soon. This is why it’s not unusual for a higher-quality palladium ring to have a greater value today than the original value at the time of purchase. If you have a palladium ring, you can always get a third-party appraisal to determine its current worth so you’ll have documentation of its value. Even if you don’t have plans to sell the ring, this information can be beneficial for insurance purposes.

Take Care of Your Palladium Ring

Routine care increases the chances that a palladium ring will retain its value over the years. Typically, palladium doesn’t change color over time, although a crust or film, referred to as a patina, may develop with age. It produces a unique look on rings some people like. However, if this doesn’t appeal to you, the original shine and tone can be restored. You can take care of a palladium ring by:

• Using a soft-bristled brush to remove dust or debris
• Cleaning it every now and then with a mixture of warm water and mild dish detergent
• Carefully scrubbing the ring to maintain its luster
• Storing it in a safe place so it doesn’t get damaged or scratched

Whether they’re veteran palladium collectors or new investors looking to buy silver bullion, San Diego residents should reach out to the experts at First National Bullion. We offer a huge selection of palladium, gold, platinum, and silver items. San Diego collectors who are looking for the finest-quality coins, bars, and bullion should give us a call at (858) 304-7580 to speak with one of our precious metals experts.

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