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Buy GOLD and SILVER: Social Exchange Theory of Money: Part One:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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In our last session, FNB took a close look at the state of California and its seemingly insurmountable public indebtedness.

In the next several sessions, FNB takes a close look and deep-dive examination concerning the true nature of gold and silver as real, not fabricated money.

Gold and Silver as Real, Not Fabricated Money:


America finds its propulsion through indebtedness.

I ask you a simple question: “Who do you know, or, what company are you aware of that has EVER succeeded with debt as its primary instrument of financing and growth?”

America’s banking system is based on the following process:

Federal Reserve: this is a mystery group. ‘The Fed’ consists of some person, or hidden/veiled group of persons. These shadow figures quite literally control every aspect and all the minutiae that make up the American Financial System
Federal Reserve Decides to Print Money: now is when the waters really get murky. I have tried, and thus far failed, to figure out how this system actually works. But, there is some divination that takes place behind some walled catacomb that contains some financial oracle that says, ‘Print Money’
Voila! Just like that, money, and FNB means billions of dollars appear out of the thinnest of air. Who makes these decisions? Only the mysterious figure behind the curtain knows the answer to this riddle
Money is Ledger-ed and Money is Lent: do not miss this key and critical step in the process. Once the mystery people invent the money, after numbers appear on a ledger somewhere, then, this group of financial shot-callers LEND these funds to the US Treasury
Somehow, the loaned funds make their way to depository accounts. FNB has yet to be able to gain any understanding or clarity as to who manages these depository accounts. Nor, can FNB make sense out of what requirements are placed upon someone to become one of these very lucky recipients
Member Banks: these depository accounts are connected to the FED and from there become happy recipients of billions of issued dollars
Member Banks Stoke Economic Growth: the magic formula finds its most pleasant outcome when the member banks then distribute the borrowed funds out to the waiting masses

Odd Man Out: The US Taxpayer!

The person holding the bag at the end of this complicated maze and hustle is none other than: The US Taxpayer.

The Winner = The Private Citizens that Own and Control The Federal Reserve:

The US Taxpayers must pay interest, interest that compounds daily, weekly, monthly and annually on these dollars that are ginned out of thin air.

In our next session, FNB begins a discussion and explanation of: the ‘social exchange theory of money’.

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