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Fiat! Currency: A Social Contract and an ECONOMIC EXPERIMENT:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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In our last session, FNB examined the long anticipated rise in gold prices that pundits and financial gurus are projecting for 2019 and early 2010.

FNB now makes the case for FIAT! Currency to be suspended, reconsidered and then wholly replaced by a Gold and/or Silver Backed, US Based Cryptocurrency.

FIAT! Currency as a SOCIAL CONTRACT and and Modern Economic Experiment:

FIAT! Currency can best be described as two (2) critical elements: as a social contract and as a modern economic experiment. Let’s dive deep into these two monetary policies that are closely entwined.

Both FIAT! Currencies as social contract and modern economic experiment have proven to be both dangerous and highly inflationary. First, FNB looks at FIAT! Currencies as social contract.

FIAT! Currency as Social Contract:

Fiat! Currency is at its core and root a social contract. Here are some influencing factors that have to be considered:

FIAT! Currency permits governments to live well beyond their means
FIAT! Currency provides a mechanism for politicians to conflate and expand their economies way beyond their current production capabilities
FIAT! Currency in reality is an elaborate and dysfunctional means of creating employment and opportunity where none existed previously
FIAT! Currency upends natural economic systems and theory by introducing irregularities and anomalies into normal economic cycles
FIAT! Currency allows politicians and the political class to artificially release their nations from the direct impact of their poor and oft-times nefarious decisions

FIAT! Currency is the ultimate social tool that governments have leveraged for hundreds of years. Now, FNB discusses the modern version of FIAT! Currency that is quite literally deflating asset values across the globe.

FIAT! Currency as Modern Economic Experiment:

The modern versions of FIAT! Currency has been around for about 100 + years now. A century of unabated currency printing have been devastating upon modern economies. Some examples of the erosion of values that are directly attributable to FIAT! Currency are:

The erosion of the value of the US Dollar
Inflation and the rapid increase of asset values over the last decades
Reduction in purchasing power of the US Dollar
Withering value of cash over the last thirty years
High leverage of paper assets
Explosion of the derivative markets globally
Dependence upon modern governments to move deeper into debt-based vs. cash and intrinsic value based economic models

In our next session, FNB will address and attempt to answer the question: when is there too much FIAT! Currency? And the bigger question: at what number does FIAT! Currency collapse and become wholly and completely unworkable?

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