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Financial Woes and BANKING WOBBLES:

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In our last session, FNB examined the case for FIAT! Currencies, all of them to risk, “One Too Many.” Meaning, pass the point where ‘one more’ currency issuance topples the system.

FNB now engages the discussion: Financial Woes and Banking Wobbles.

FINANCIAL WOES and Banking Wobbles:

FIAT! Currencies in general, and The Federal Reserve and its ‘Reserve Notes in specific print money from nothing. This is a difficult concept for most common people to understand.

Regular people, like you and me, we work, we earn money, the money we earn we pay taxes on and whatever is left over is our true, ‘net’ earnings. Not so with The Federal Government.

The United States government and all FIAT! Currency nations simply print money. There quite literally is a team of people that show up for work each workday and invent currency.

This group of people decides how much currency to ‘issue’ for that particular day. Then, once the issuance is completed, they go to lunch.

There are groups of people that directly benefit from these very lucrative practices. Those that benefit the most are:

The central bankers:

Those who are fortunate enough to own shares in the Federal Reserve (a private and secret organization)
The banks and institutions that receive these ‘free’ deposits
The politicians that leverage their positions to ensure that their core constituency and support groups reap massive profits from this institutional form of monetary policy

What needs to be discussed is how these practices eventually cause financial woes and hasten banking wobbles.

The financial woes and the banking wobbles are real. Consider, and I make the case that these are primarily caused by the reckless and continued monetary policy of printing money:

Cheap (and no cost money) money issuance are not always inexpensive
Continued printing of currency depresses the value of the currency
Cumulative printing of cash leads to interest rate depression
Constant and ongoing printing of currency causes and even encourages reckless speculation by banks and financial institutions
The ‘end game’ seems to be the eventual (planned?) failing of governments and financial institutions

In our next session, FNB will address the sheer financial cliffs that begin that appear as direct result of constant FIAT! Currency printing that demand institutional bailouts.

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