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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Recently, FNB asked the question:

  “When do those responsible for amassing these crippling federal and state

Deficits and accumulating debt bubbles be held both responsible and accountable?”

The Challenge: Federal Debt Load Now Exceeds the national GNP.

Our nation has crossed a financial Rubicon. Our nation-state recently moved into unchartered (by virtually any nation-state in recorded history) territory. Sometime in the last sixty days or so, The United States of America entered the region where the (growing and rapidly expanding) national indebtedness surpassed the entirety of its citizens’ capacity to produce revenue.

Think that through a moment.

Imagine your personal household being backed into a predicament where the entirety of your ability to earn money is eclipsed by the amount of monies that you owe.

FNB in days to come will introduce suggestions for how to begin to both address this national crisis and provide Guidance on how to bring some semblance of balance back into the economic outlook for the US.

For now, FNB strongly suggests:

  • Debt: the US Congress and Senate begin holding emergency sessions to find ways to bring this runaway debt wrecking crew into some kind of corral
  • Budgetary Realignments: the US Congress and Senate begin emergency discussions on how to actually create and then vote on and cast into concrete a real budget (put a statutory end to all “Continuing Resolution” spending measures)
  • Fiscal Restraint: establish hard and fast and irrevocable spending restraints that reach past partisanship and permit the American people some room for economic freedoms to one again find root and to flourish in our nation-state
  • Redress Grievances: the US Congress and Senate immediately hold forums where public voices can be heard without fear of reprisal and/or retributions

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