Gold $2,373.50   $-42.70  Silver $27.96   $-1.24  Platinum $944.80   $-20.80  Palladium $927.50   $-21.50

Gold: $ 1307.50 Silver:  $ 15.44 Palladium: $ 1555.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Friday, March 01, 2019

FNB has a well-developed, well-defined economic calculus model. That model is based upon what FNB calls and coined: “Spendability.”

“Spendability” = what a dollar can reasonably achieve as expected exchange value.

FNB is working through this highly complex, deeply enmeshed and thoroughly interdependent series of financial cogs and gears and protoplasms. Cogs and gears and protoplasms that make the economy of the United States work. And also that places the financial well-being of this nation at constant risk.

Today, FNB looks at transportation. And the deep need for infrastructure improvements and deep-pocket investment.

How does a nation keep commerce rolling? How does a country keep its ‘on time’ delivery schedules from blurring into meaningless hours and dates that simply fade away?

How does a nation preserve the integrity of each and every transaction and ensure that every package, parcel, time-sensitive document and perishable items arrive on-time, intact and without damage?

The answer is: transportation systems.

The United States of America has to seriously consider what future of commerce looks like. The United States of America has to plan for a future that holds the prospect of larger quantities of people and an exponential number of cars, buses and big trucks.

FNB suggest that the United States:

  • Invest now in large expansions of infrastructure: this includes light rail projects, improvement to highway systems and expansion of airports
  • High Speed Rail and other forms of ‘next century’ people transports: look around the world. Developed and developing nations have built and continue to build-out ‘high speed rail’ systems. It’s foolish for the United States not to follow suit and begin to import these technological marvels into our everyday world
  • Automation and automated delivery trucks and systems: the prospect of finding large amounts of ‘drivers’ and/or ‘operators’ for over-the-road delivery services and/or local delivery systems seems questionable at best, and obsolete at worst. The American system of how goods and services are delivered needs to evolve. The United States should begin investing large quantities of research and development and then deployment of systems that automate transportation systems
  • Next Gen Aircraft: the United States has to find ways to reinvent air transportation. At every, single level innovation and quantum leaps forward need to take place. (In days to come, FNB will address the bright prospect for ingenuity and ‘new’ to be both explored and that will potentially transform aircraft and air travel)

Next time, FNB will look into and examine: “Capital and Ready Access to Capital Markets.”

FNB will explore how a nation’s economy either thrives or stutters based upon the level of skills that its workforce maintains.

FNB posits and strongly asserts that capitalism and the capacity to own, manage and profit from the collective of private properties and/or business initiatives is a driving force that America and its leaders simply must protect.

FNB remains diligent and unwavering in the call for common, average American people to seek out the Safe Havens of gold and silver coins, and gold and silver bullion.

FNB, a national precious metals industry leader and reputable gold and silver coin dealer urges investors, bond-holders, speculators and all who manage and/or oversee their family’s financial portfolio begin now migrating larger allocations into the historical safe harbors  of: Gold and Silver.

Jon Cavuoto,

Founder and Owner,

First Nation Bullion

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