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GOLD and SILVER: Can Debt Build Unending National Wealth? Part Five:

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Dateline: Friday, August 23, 2019

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In our last session, FNB thought through broad structural economic change that is based solely upon an equity based economic model.

In this session, FNB some of the more troubling and problematic issues that place debt-based economies directly in harm’s way.

Issues that Place DEBT BASED ECONOMIES Directly in Harm’s Way:

FNB addresses recurring and overlapping problematic economic issues that all debt-based vs. equity and value-based economies face.

These ongoing and common issues would be virtually nonexistent if a nation’s economic model were based solely on an equity and value-based foundation.

The following issues are recurring–in that they repeat.

The following issues are cyclical–in that there are fairly predictable ups and downs, booms and recessions that debt-based economic models endender.

The following issues are endemic–in that the very fact that a nation decides to inflate and conflate its currency causes these highly predictive outcomes.

The following issues are unavoidable–in that debt-based economic models spawn these very outcomes.

Issues that Debt-Based Economic Models Spawn and Produce:

Debt-based economic models spawn and produce at least these predictive outcomes:

Burgeoning and never ending and ever expanding national indebtedness: debt-based economies and debt-based currencies originate in owing. Ledgers are generated that introduce currency into the economy that have as their place of origin: a specific and owed debt
Interest rate fluctuation: debt-based economies and debt-based currencies cause interest rates to flutter–to sink and to soar. These interest rate movements create uncertainty and are by their very nature: unfair. This unfairness is based upon the fact that some get more ‘favorable’ rates than others
Elites vs. commoners: debt-based economic models quite literally favor a few ‘favored’ and place the majority in positions of greater degrees of risk. This is unacceptable and should be abolished
Accumulation and cumulative: debt-based economic models GROW debt. The debt expands. The debt does not diminish. The debt does not vanish. This ‘past debt’ creates an overburden and overhang that starts to strangle all new potential economic expansion
Rich get rich and the poor and under served suffer: the most grave consequence and predictive outcome of a debt-based economic model is that wealth begins to be hoarded by a small sampling of the citizenry. Over time, the disparity and wealth distribution becomes unacceptable
Kinetic becomes frenetic: the final outcome of a debt-based economic model is that there comes a point where the promise of economic expansion that the debt-based currency promises simply disappears. When this ‘point of no return’ is reached, when this zenith is whisked by…then currency valuations plummet

FNB has been asking the hard question: “Can a nation profit when their very economic foundation is debt-based?”

You decide.

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