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GOLD and SILVER: Can Debt Build Unending National Wealth? Part Two:

Gold: $ 1506.00 Silver: $ 17.22 Platinum: $ 852.00 Palladium: $ 1502.00

Dateline: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Gold:  $ 1506.00  Silver: $ 17.22   Platinum: $ 852.00 Palladium: $  1502.00

Dateline: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

FNB is a precious metals industry leader. Each weekday, we post information and financial facts (and opinions!) that relate directly to the financial markets and also that have direct impact upon the daily lives of investors.   

In our last session, FNB started a five-part series that asks the question: “Can a dependence upon debt build unending national wealth?”

In this session, FNB explains in detail why gold is the perfect choice as a value based investment for all wise investors.

Debt as Source of All Wealth vs. GOLD as VALUE BASED INVESTMENT:

FNB views the national obsession with printing currency into infinity as a dangerous game. 

FNB believes that central banks globally are creating bubbles–financial and sector based bubbles–through its unending practice of monetary expansion that eventually have to burst.

FNB sees a time in the near future when central banks are going to have little option but to devalue their currency because of their onending decisions to dillute the current currency valuations.

FNB challenges as lacking core sensibility central banks reliance and dependency upon debt as their primary vehicle to build national weath.

FNB sees recession and perhaps even an economic depression in the near term that is directly attributable to global central banks’ decisions to inflate and expand their currencies.

Gold as Value Based Investment:

The direct and contrarian position to endless currency expansion and continued currency dilution is: Buy Gold and Silver.

There are multiple reasons why purchasing and then storing and then warehousing physical gold and silver make long-term financial sense. Among these reasons are:

  • Ongoing yield depressions that are now de facto national economic policies globally
  • The growing colossus that is known as: “The Global Burden of Debt”
  • Negative interest rates and then capacity to collapse financial markets through rate sensitivities and rate erosions 
  • The growing insistence that governments print and inflate currencies for the strict purpose of propping up otherwise unstable capital markets 


FNB challenges readers to think of a time in history when the expansion–rapid and unchecked–expansion of currencies fosters and creates true, financial wealth. 

In our next session, FNB will address globalization and the integrated supply chain that is directly targeting national sovereignty.

FNB strongly urges all savvy and thoughtful investors to ramp up their physical gold coins, bars and bullion holdings. FNB invites all to visit our website:

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FNB posits and strongly asserts that capitalism and the capacity to own, manage and profit from the collective of private properties and/or business initiatives is a driving force that America and its leaders simply must protect.

FNB remains diligent and unwavering in the call for common, average American people to seek out the Safe Havens of gold and silver coins, and gold and silver bullion.

FNB, a national precious metals industry leader and reputable gold and silver coin dealer urges investors, bond-holders, speculators and all who manage and/or oversee their family’s financial portfolio begin now migrating larger allocations into the historical safe harbors  of: Gold and Silver.

Jon Cavuoto,

Founder and Owner,

First National Bullion

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