Gold $2,330.70   $-6.00  Silver $30.33   $0.02  Platinum $1,026.50   $-0.90  Palladium $985.50   $4.30

Gold: $ 1275.70 Silver: $ 15.07 Platinum: $ 899.00 Palladium: $ 1395.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Monday, April 22, 2019

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FNB next examines the role that gold and silver occupy for long term financial sanity and Long Term Financial Security.

Fiat! Fiat! Fiat! = Print! Print! Print!

FNB is a voice of reason

FNB is a voice of restraint.

FNB is a voice of resilience.

FNB is a voice of reserve.

The Federal Reserve and Central Bank of the United States seems to have lost its mind. And, the Federal Reserve and Central Bank of the United States seems to have lost its rationale mooring.


Keep watching this folks. Our best guess is that is at the rate, the insane rate of printing of ‘reserve notes’ and debt-creation that the US Government will surpass and eclipse the 23 TRILLION DOLLAR range sometime in late summer or early fall of 2019.

FIAT Currency = Spiral Debt Death Trap:

In the next few sessions, FNB will address and look to describe in exact and precise detail what the ominous outlook of the US Economy has to be, given the fact that the US Government and the Private Printing company known as, “The Federal Reserve” seem unstoppable in their determination to print currency until The Planet Mars is colonized.

(I hesitate to give these groups a target to shoot for and surpass).

But the point is, and it is an unmistakable point that there is no resolve measures seemingly in-place any longer. There are no restraints that can’t and won’t be bested and then stomped upon. There are no limits that the budgetary geniuses will not upend and then turn into silly-putty.

The next few days, FNB will spend examining FED printing policies, budgetary non-factors, congressional and governmental largesses as preamble for fiscal unraveling for millions upon millions of American citizens.

Stay tuned…

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