Gold $2,360.10   $3.60  Silver $30.75   $-0.07  Platinum $989.10   $1.80  Palladium $931.50   $3.00

Gold Price Breaking $ 1350.00 Resistance Levels:

Gold: $ 1390.00 Silver: $ 15.55 Platinum: $ 808.00 Palladium: $ 1491.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Thursday, June 20, 2019

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In our last session, FNB examined the prospect and possible impact of a change in Fed Funds Rate on gold and silver pricing. In this session, FNB addresses gold prices breaking through the $ 1350.00 price resistance levels.

GOLD PRICE BREAKING THROUGH $ 1350.00 Price Resistance Level:

The price of gold pierced the $ 1350.00 resistance price on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

The $ 1350.00 resistance price has been the lid that kept gold prices suppressed for well over five full years.

Analysts and financial gurus are in consensus belief that gold prices testing and breaking through the $ 1350.00 price per ounce is a signal and a sign of possible stronger days and higher values to come.


Tarek Saab from

“…$ 1350.00 is the new breakout. Next benchmark is $ 1362.00…from there gold has a bluesky to $ 1480.00”

Bob Kirtley from:

“…once $ 1350.00 price is reached, gold needs to obliterate this new resistance level with gusto…then gain traction and race to $ 1400.00”


Smart money and wise investors are paying close attention to these price adjustments. Gold and silver remain strong wealth storage facilities that serious investors need to consider.

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