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World Gold Coins

//World Gold Coins
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  • silver philharmonic coin

    100 Corona

    We Buy $1,737.82

    We Sell $1,860.04

    Gold 100 Coronas from the Austrian Mint nearly one full troy ounce of gold and are popular amongst investors and collectors alike.  Today you can own the timeless coins at a very low premium when compared to the gold spot price.
    • Each coin contains .9802 oz actual gold content.
    • Multiples of 20 are delivered in plastic tubes.
    • Obverse: Each coin portrays a right facing bust of Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King Franz Josef I.
    • Reverse: Depicts the coat of arms of Austria displayed over a crowned imperial double-headed eagle.
    • Created at the Austrian Mint.
  • 1911 gold coin

    British Sovereign

    We Buy $411.70

    We Sell $473.29

    Containing just over one-tenth of an ounce of pure gold and highlighting iconic designs, it is clear to see why the Gold British Half Sovereign is one of the most popular gold coins across the globe.  Consider making the British Sovereign a part of your collection or investment portfolio today while their premium over spot is unusually low.
    • Each coin contains .1177 oz pure gold weight.
    • Obverse: Represents a bust of the reigning king at the time the coin was struck.
    • Reverse: The most common dates depict St. George positioned on horseback slaying a dragon.
    • Struck at various British and Commonwealth Mints.