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$100, 90% Junk Silver

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$100, 90% Junk Silver

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Bags of Junk Silver (90% Silver) Half Dollars, Quarters, and Dimes from First National Bullion are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and pure. If you have any questions about our 90% Silver Coins, please call us toll-free at (800) 745-7979 or use our Live Chat feature to get in touch immediately.

  • Each bag contains 71.5 oz. of Silver.
  • Coins are delivered in two canvas bags.
  • All coins are dated before 1964.
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90% Junk Silver coins include half-dollars, quarters and dimes that were circulated in the United States as legal tender before 1965. Some Silver coins for purchase with a 1964 mint stamp were really minted as late as 1966 because the secretary of the Treasury was able to resume striking 90% Silver coins until there were sufficient clad coins in circulation. Many Silver coins created before 1965 are also considered collector coins because they are rare and extremely desired. Pre-1965 coins, better known as Junk Silver, are 90% Silver including 10 percent copper, which makes these coins durable and valuable today for the coins’ Silver content.