Gold $2,373.00   $-43.20  Silver $27.98   $-1.22  Platinum $943.60   $-22.00  Palladium $928.50   $-20.50

Gold: $ 1296.60 Silver: 14.85 $ Platinum: $ 845.00 Palladium: $ 1339.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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In this session, FNB examines the prospect and the possible implementation of digital transactions.

No More Cash Transactions and Dispersion:


The world has lived on ‘Reserve Notes’ for hundreds of years.

‘Paper Money or Folding Money’:

Most people know what it feels like to have an empty wallet. And all people know the comfort of opening up your wallet or purse and finding some extra dollars that you forgot were yours.
The world is moving into a time and space and economy where ‘folding money’ is going to be both unnecessary and also: extinct! The world is moving, @ light-speed towards the implementation of electronic and digitally based transactions.


Apple Pay: Apple has an electronic payment method that makes cash a non-option
Amazon Pay: Amazon Pay launched in January of 2019. The big idea here is a global and border less electronic payment method that completely operates autonomously
Google Pay: Google has an electronic monetary exchange currency
Goldman Sachs: the investment banking giant has announced that their firm is working to launch a US Based and gold and silver backed cryptocurrency
Walmart: Walmart has recently announced a payment partnership with PayPal that allows instant and immediate transactions
Zelle and Venmo and Other Similar Platforms: multiple transaction interfaces transact billions of dollars worth of transfers and money transfers every single day

The point is crystal clear: there is a day in the very near future when CASH as our culture has known and utilized it, in paper reserve note form is going to be washed out of our conversation and culture.

Next time, FNB will address and investigate how Banking Institutions are closing local branches at record numbers. And how this shift is going to impact the culture and the economy of The United States of America.

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