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One of the shiniest silvery metals is palladium, which is used for industrial products and electronics, clothing, accessories, and more. As with other precious metals, it can be dangerous when used or worn incorrectly. However, palladium is safe enough to wear in most situations. Although it’s low in toxicity, it’s best to verify if you have an allergy to this precious metal to avoid skin irritation. Below, the precious metals experts from First National Bullion, the best place to buy gold in Scottsdale, explain how to avoid wearing palladium incorrectly.


Although palladium is one of the most popular silver-hued metals, it should always be worn properly. Since it doesn’t contain a common allergen, palladium is a safe precious metal to wear. 

The metal is also resistant to corrosion and is unlikely to tarnish when it’s exposed to the air. You can even wear most palladium jewelry in the shower without fearing the items will become discolored. Over time, the metal could begin to fade in color, but with thorough cleaning or polishing by a jeweler, the pieces can potentially regain their original color.

Common Uses

Palladium is a precious metal with many incredible characteristics, making it one of the most in-demand metals. In many cases, it can be more expensive than gold. There are a variety of uses for this material, such as catalytic converters for cars, white and shiny jewelry, electronic items like microphones and mobile phones, and photography equipment. 

This precious metal is also commonly used for bridges, fillings, crowns, and other dental restoration procedures. Its low toxicity is the main reason for these common uses. When handled and worn correctly, the precious metal doesn’t present a danger.


Although palladium is regarded as being low in toxicity, you should avoid ingesting it. Accidental ingestion could lead to dangerous situations, such as skin, eye, or respiratory tract irritation. 

The precious metal is nonflammable, so you don’t need to worry about starting fires with it. Improperly handling and storing palladium could cause dust, which has a negative impact in various situations. If dust is created, it’s best to thoroughly ventilate the area and avoid breathing or touching the dust, and never let it come into contact with your eyes and skin.

Cleaning Palladium Items

If you’re using or wearing palladium, you should know how to clean the items correctly to reduce the risk of preventable injuries or illnesses. For example, you can wash your jewelry with mild soap and lukewarm water. If you launder clothing or accessories containing palladium in a washing machine, keep the water temperature no higher than 30 degrees Celsius. However, you should never dry objects containing palladium in a dryer. Instead, these items must be air-dried for safety reasons. Keep the products out of direct sunlight, and make sure they have no direct contact with other heat sources.

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