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Tarnishing is a common issue for silver over time, emphasizing the need to store silver coins correctly. One advantage is that silver doesn’t fall apart or corrode, unlike other non-precious metals such as steel. However, keeping the resale value high is the primary goal, and storage is key for preserving the quality of silver coins. Whether they have silver coins or silver bars, San Diego collectors who want to keep their investments safe and protected should understand how to properly store their precious metals. Here are the top options for storing your silver coins.


When you want to move your silver coins around without smudging them, plastic is a great material to use. Plastic is clear, reducing the need to move the coins out consistently. You can look through the holder, checking on the coins as often as you would like. Storing the container in a secure location increases durability and keeps the coins safe.

Plastic storage options are both durable and lightweight, making them an excellent choice. However, keep in mind the container can break down and may need to be replaced from time to time, even if it’s thick and made of high-quality plastic.

Coin Capsules

This is a versatile storage method used to keep coins dry. There are various sizes to select from, but the size of the coins you’re collecting will determine the type of capsules you should purchase. The aim is to find coin capsules that don’t leave a gap between the precious metal and the storage container.

Some packages come with up to 20 capsules, allowing you to have an affordable storage option. The capsules are also easy to open because of their shape and design. However, the major benefit is being able to keep your silver coins stored and the ability to open and close each capsule without causing damage to your precious metals.

Storage Cubes

This option tends to be very affordable, and the ability to look at your coins without removing them from the storage cube makes it even better. You’ll need to ensure the lids are tightly secured to prevent your coins from coming out. In fact, this should be one of your usual steps regardless of the storage option you select. The lids of storage cubes are rotatable, which prevents your silver coins from falling out or rolling away.

Another benefit of storage cubes is their sturdiness, which is because of the material used to make the containers. These products will provide long-term safe protection for your silver coins.

Know What to Avoid

Containers made of cardboard or paper aren’t good choices for storing silver coins. Plastic would be the best option, followed by metal or glass. People often choose monster boxes, but remember to select a box with limited slots you can seal them tightly.

Choosing a container with a soft cloth-like interior to store your silver coins is also a great choice because the cloth material can protect your precious metals from tarnishing. In case your coins do tarnish, clean them with a product specifically designed for silver.

Whether they need expert advice on storing precious metals or they’re looking for the best San Diego gold coin dealers, collectors should work with trustworthy experts who offer high-quality service and have years of experience. Call on the industry-leading professionals at First National Bullion when you’re ready to invest in precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Give us a call today.

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