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Buy GOLD and SILVER: How to Protect Yourself When Recession Hits: Part Two:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

FNB is a precious metals industry leader. Each weekday, we post information and financial facts (and opinions!) that relate directly to the financial markets and also that have direct impact upon the daily lives of investors.

In our last session, FNB began a series on: “How to Protect Yourself When the Recession Hits.”

In this session, FNB will look into some practical ways every person can make preparations to protect their assets when a recession hits.

How to Protect Yourself when the RECESSION HITS:

Practical Tips for Asset Protection:

Political dissent is rampant in the United States right now. A concentrated effort is being put forth by suspicious political factions to slow down the current economy.

There are some big players right now that are massing efforts to derail the economic expansions that have taken place during the last few years. The directed effort to slow down the economy could find energy as the 2020 election cycle starts to ramp up.

With recession fears lingering on almost every national economy, here are some practical tips for how you can protect your assets if and when a deep recessionary cycle kicks into gear:

Buy gold and silver: this is a MUST!
Buy at least 1000 silver coins STAT! And hold them in physical inventory
Buy at least 50 gold coins STAT! And hold them in physical inventory
Amass and stash a minimum of six months worth of ready cash
Place stops on all of your securities: prices that you do not wish to have your securities drop below in the case of a massive default
Build your war chest: find ways to strengthen your balance sheet by stockpiling necessary personal safety and personal support materials
Keep a 90 day outlook, MAX! Look no further than 90 days ‘out’ in your planning as it relates to personal safety and asset protections
Maintain a diligent attitude and a ready mind: default is a strange time. Panic grips many and when people make decisions that are fear-based, outcomes are seldom good or useful

In our next session, FNB will look into and examine the shifting sands of global supply chains that are right now being disrupted.

FNB strongly urges all savvy and thoughtful investors to ramp up their physical gold coins, bars and bullion holdings. FNB invites all to visit our website:

FNB invites all that live in or near our three physical locations in San Diego, Del Mar and Scottsdale to stop in and visit and meet one-on-one with our Team of precious metals experts.

FNB posits and strongly asserts that capitalism and the capacity to own, manage and profit from the collective of private properties and/or business initiatives is a driving force that America and its leaders simply must protect.

FNB remains diligent and unwavering in the call for common, average American people to seek out the Safe Havens of gold and silver coins, and gold and silver bullion.

FNB, a national precious metals industry leader and reputable gold and silver coin dealer urges investors, bond-holders, speculators and all who manage and/or oversee their family’s financial portfolio begin now migrating larger allocations into the historical safe harbors of: Gold and Silver.

Jon Cavuoto,

Founder and Owner,
First National Bullion
For direct consultation with a gold and silver expert contact FNB:

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