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Buy GOLD and SILVER: Presidents and the Federal Reserve: Part Three:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Wednesday, January 08, 2020

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In our last session, FNB continued our discussion of the rocky relationship that has historically existed between Presidents and The Federal Reserve.

In this session, FNB look into how some of our nation’s Presidents have run into deep conflict with this group of un-elected elitists.

Rocky Relationship Between PRESIDENTS and FEDERAL RESERVE:

“If Congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves. Not to be delegated to individuals or corporations…”
Andrew Jackson

President Andrew Jackson: Served Two Terms from March of 1829 to March of 1837:

President Andrew Jackson was a great American Patriot. President Jackson fought to keep the American government sovereign. President Jackson was suspicious of banks in general…and more specifically of the greedy individuals that ran them.

President Jackson viewed almost all bankers as corrupt. The main conflict with President Jackson and bankers was with the establishment and ratification of, ‘The Second Bank of the United States’.

The Second Bank of the United States:

President Jackson highly criticized, ‘The Second Bank of the United States’. In four state of the union addresses, Jackson railed against this banking institution.
His main complaint was that the bank consistently failed to create a uniform and ‘sound currency’.  Jackson saw corporate bankers as robber barons and disputed that banks were in-fact safe depositories for the nation’s wealth.

Jackson often referred to bankers as a ‘hydra of corruption’. He accused them of demoralizing the citizens of the United States. And believed that a nationalized, private and non-public Central Bank would ultimately impoverish the entire nation.

Jackson saw himself as carrying on the ‘Jeffersonian Tradition’ that favored full public disclosure and limited government plus full accountability.

Ultimately, Jackson’s rebuke of the Second Bank of the United States led to the revocation of its charter and the release of all federal funds held in that institution.

Many believe Jackson’s strong stance played a strong role in the establishment of The Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.

In our next session, FNB will look into President Lincoln clashed swords with this group of un-elected elitists.

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