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Buy GOLD and SILVER: Social Exchange Theory of Money: Part Five:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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In our last session, FNB made the case for governments to build and then maintain legal structures that protect personal property.

In this session, FNB address the downside risks that happen when governments go soft on the outright thievery of public and private properties.


The Downside Risk of Governments Refusing to Protect Personal Property:

The social exchange theory of money reminds all that money and transactions have a flow-chart.

The social exchange theory of money reinforces the fact that people, not some people, but all adults with thinking brains seek to maximize their resources and when possible receive a profit.

Consider this working social exchange theory of money equation:

Human economic behavior = Reward for Transactions – Cost of Interaction

Governments have a formal and proper moral and fiduciary obligation to support, encourage and do all within their statutory powers to protect the human need to both find ways to prosper and protect personal property.

How can governments protect and support personal property? Here are some suggestions:

Observe risks: governments have moral and ethical obligations to pay attention, close attention to any and all observable risks that might bring harm to personal assets and personal property
Immutable commitments: governments have moral and ethical obligations to make open and strong declarations of their strong defense of the human right to see their life work prosper
Financial building blocks: governments have moral and ethical obligations to make certain that markets stay calm and that markets do not face or experience large swings in valuations
Depreciation and large scale drops: governments have moral and ethical obligations to ensure that markets have bottoms. And that citizens can be confident that large scale drops in value will be minimized
Consumptive power: governments have moral and ethical obligations to buoy up and keep their currency’s purchasing power strong and vibrant

Governments exist to protect personal freedoms and to ensure private enterprise has the necessary latitude to build long-term prosperity for those who are willing to take risks.

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FNB posits and strongly asserts that capitalism and the capacity to own, manage and profit from the collective of private properties and/or business initiatives is a driving force that America and its leaders simply must protect.

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Jon Cavuoto,

Founder and Owner,
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