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CHINA and GOLD: A National Obsession: Part Two:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Friday, June 28, 2019

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In our last session, FNB looked closely at the nation of China and the government’s obsession with gold.

CHINA and GOLD: A National Obsession:

There is growing speculation and concern over the nation of China’s obsession with gold. The nation of China is on a rampage. The Chinese government is amassing gold reserves at tonnages that have many investors and world leaders scratching their heads and wondering what is going on.

There are some practical applications of this obsessive searching for and then hoarding of gold and gold reserves. There are also rumored speculation of how the Government of China treats gold purchases and sales.

Let’s Take a Look at A Few of These Practical Applications of Gold and Silver:

There is a great deal of rumor and speculation about how the Chinese government’s pursuit of gold resources impacts its citizens and also world markets. Here are a few of the more prominent speculations:

China Searches for and Imports Gold: the Chinese government reportedly scours the globe for large gold producing groups. The government of China then strikes exclusive agreements with these ore producers to dominate and where and when possible be the exclusive purchaser of their gold production
China Produces Gold: reports are sketchy on this topic because the Chinese government is rather secretive of its gold production. What is widely rumored is that the production of gold in China is difficult, expensive and possibly subsidized by the government
China Consumes All of its Gold Production: the nation of China does not export any of its gold production. China does not permit its producers to ship a single ounce of its production of gold resources out of the country
China Tracks Every Gold Purchase: when citizens or companies purchase gold within the nation of China, only electronic monetary purchases are permitted. China does not permit gold to be purchased with regular currency
Gold Prices Stabilize: China seems to be working hard to corner the market on gold reserves and in doing so both dominate and then stabilize the (former) fluctuations of the price and value of gold

So the question has to be asked: “Why is the nation of China so obsessed with purchasing and then hoarding and then stockpiling gold bullion reserves?”

FNB will seek to find reasonable responses to this pertinent question in days to come.

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