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Economic Reset: What a Gold-Backed Currency Will Look Like:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Friday, May 17, 2019

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In this session, FNB examines the prospect and the possible implementation of a GOLD BACKED, US currency.

GOLD STANDARD: Gold-Backed US Currency:

The return to the “Gold Standard.”

Many advocate, including this writer, for the United States Government to return to some semblance of, “The Gold Standard.” Why?

Here are some positive benefits that might arrive when and if the United States Government ever decided to end the tyranny of: “Fiat Currency:”

Economic certainty: there would be no ‘grey areas’ when it comes to valuation. The dollar and gold and precious metals and real properties markets would stabilize. There would be little fluctuation and small variants from time-to-time. But, basic and bedrock asset valuations would normalize.

Inflation: inflation would be minimized. The value of Gold and the value of each dollar would be attached to the stable and bedrock value of an equivalency in gold
No more endless and cyclic printing of dollars into infinity: monetary policy would be fixed. Issuance by the government and/or THE FED would be calculated and controlled and ‘pegged’ to a real amount, a fixed and verifiable amount of gold to both justify and also substantiate those issuance
Valuation resets: real valuations would emerge. Real estate, equities, bonds and gold and silver would have baselines that are directly attributable to a gold equivalency
Debt eradication: the government would indeed have to eradicate and eliminate debt in multiple forms (we will address this process in our next session)
Sound National Fiscal Policy:for the 1st time since 1913, the United States of America would be tethered to a GOLD STANDARD. This would mean that politicians would not be permitted to operate as miscreants

Next time, FNB will address how debt eradication would be married to this wise decision to return to a fiscal economic policy that is based in logic and common sense.
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