Gold $2,333.10   $-3.60  Silver $30.33   $0.02  Platinum $1,025.40   $-2.00  Palladium $981.50   $0.30

FFR = FED FUNDS RATE and How this Impacts Gold and Silver Values:

Gold: $ 1347.50 Silver: $ 15.06 Platinum: $ 810.00 Palladium: $ 1505.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

FNB is a precious metals industry leader. Each weekday, we post information and financial facts (and opinions!) that relate directly to the financial markets and also that have direct impact upon the daily lives of investors.

In our last session, FNB examined negative interest rates and how these affect national economies. In this session, FNB looks into the prospect and possible impact of a change in Fed Funds Rate.

Fed Funds Rate and How this IMPACTS GOLD VALUE:

There is a great deal of buzz in the financial markets of late. One of the hot topics of discussion in the last few weeks has been whether or not THE FED will drop interest rates.

The FED recently hinted that there may be, (this is a key phrase) a reduction and pull back of interest rates from their current levels. There are a variety of issues and forces that impact the FED’s direction. One of the key elements to look into and understand is: “FED FUNDS RATE.”

FFR = Fed Funds Rate:

The Fed Funds Rate is:

“…the Fed Funds rate is the interest rate banks charge each other to lend institutional funds overnight.”

Member banks use the FFR as baseline and benchmark for other loans, both commercial and/or personal that they then extend to their customers and institutional clients.

The FFR is based upon the ‘money supply’ AKA, the ‘money stock’. The money stock is the aggregate value of all available monetary assets that are working in an economy at any given moment in time.
Some of the more important pieces of the ‘money stock’ are:

Coins, bars, bullion and precious metals inventories
Balances held in checking and saving accounts
Circulated currencies that are both accountable for (meaning in circulation) and non-accounted for (meaning idled and/or held in reserve accounts)

Any and all significant shifts or noticeable changes in a nation’s money supply are closely monitored and evaluated by governmental and commercial experts.

The point of this session is that of late, The FED is tinkering with tightening the money supply. A tightening of the monetary supply combined with a reduction of interest rates historically signals a rise and spike in the prices of gold and silver.

Keep a close eye on what The FED decides As you notice FED policy shift, begin adding to your gold and silver coin, bullion and bar personal stockpiles.

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