Gold $2,360.30   $3.80  Silver $30.79   $-0.03  Platinum $988.60   $1.30  Palladium $931.50   $3.00

Gold: $ 1345.60 Silver:  $ 16.17 Palladium: $ 1489.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Wednesday, February 20, 2019:

When you begin to consider and give serious thought to the beacons that herald a possible, coming American financial freezeout, there are certain ‘right’ observations that need to be moved to: ‘front and center’.

Moving these beacons to the ‘Front and Center’ of astute investors and business owners brings this discussion of economic collapse into the kitchen and conference tables of homes and businesses across America.

‘Front and Center’:

‘Front and Center’ thinking produces conclusions that demand attention. And conclusive attention leads to correct corrective and protective actions.

Let’s spend a few minutes plowing into what exactly are proper, “Front and Center” thoughts on the soon-to-arrive American economic theater:

  • Triggers: so many triggers have to be thought through. Among these triggers are: the pall of savings in the US + earnings reports that sag for companies big and small + income that lags far behind inflationary realities for everyday items
  • Broken Windows: there is an economic theory that looks for broken windows. The theory and belief are that where broken windows appear, appear and do not find immediate, and I mean immediate repair, that this is a precursor and a signal flag that real economic trouble is closing in on that house, property or community
  • Drug addiction and the reality of addictive infestations: many economists now look for the presence, and by ‘presence’ I mean the active and noticeable presence of drug abuse and drug abusers. When these human markers are visible and evident and seemingly unstoppable, economic plummet goes into free-fall
  • Banks and financial institutions hoard and board up access to expansion and sustainable sources of business and personal capital. This is a real trouble spot. And when this institutional stinginess becomes prevalent, financial markets start to decline. For the free-flow and ready-access and reliability of financial confidences are built upon: unhindered access by business owners to proper capital

There is a collective ‘us’ now in America. There are common, everyday, working people that live in every township and small town and inner city and suburb that cannot support themselves.

You are not alone. You are one of the many. You are certainly not one of the few. The American people are united now. United in their financial risk.

Next time, FNB addresses the united financial risk that stares down, mocks and puts most American families in the direct line of: financial peril.

FNB urges American families to flee to financial safety. FNB compels American families to start small and begin purchasing the only historical, financial fortress that has stood the test of time: Gold and Silver coins, collectibles and bullion.

FNB is proud to stand with common, everyday, American families in their quest to find, and then, bit-by-bit gradually to suddenly build their own: Personal Financial Fortress.

For more information, and to start erecting your own personal, financial fortress, reach out to our firm.

Jon Cavuoto,

Founder and Owner,

First Nation Bullion

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