Gold $2,359.80   $3.30  Silver $30.79   $-0.03  Platinum $989.00   $1.70  Palladium $931.50   $3.00

Gold: $ 1282.50 Silver: $ 15.38 Palladium: $ 1354

“This is Goldilocks.”

That’s the declaration of former Fed Governor, Larry Lindsey.

From Larry Lindsey’s perspective, as a former Fed Governor, economic life could not be better in the United States.

To Lindsey, all economic indicators are solid-green. Lindsey sees: rising household incomes + optimism abounding all around him + the most favorable of all possible financial conditions.

Lindsey declared the current US economic condition: “Goldilocks.”

Mr. Lindsey labeled the current US economic conditions as such last week in a presentation before a Congressional budget committee.

In a recent report to a Congressional Budget Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell gave the same Congressional Budget Committee a slightly different review.

Powell said:

  “US fiscal policy has been on an unsustainable path for some time. It continues to

    be unsustainable.”


Chairman Powell’s remarks seem to be filled with skepticism and doubt. Clearly he sees something beneath the surface veneers of 4 % unemployment and GDP output that looks to surpass the 4 % growth figures the Trump economy posted and boasted about in fiscal 2018.

FNB thinks Mr. Powell may be more on point and have a clearer outlook than does the former Fed Governor Lindsey.

First National Bullion works at both the local level through our three ‘brick and mortar’ retail stores. And also @ the national level as a thought and industry leader.

First National Bullion serves thousands of clients both locally and nationally. This unique platform provides insights that deserve to be considered.

FNB wants to know what does 2019 and beyond portend? Some questions that “First Choice” will probe in the near term are:

  • US federal debt has eclipsed the $ 21 Trillion USD mark in 2018. How can this be sustained?
  • How can either political party or ruling elitist not see the growing debt bubble and not make substantive policy and budgetary realignments in light of this ever-expanding financial ticking time bomb?
  • When will politicos be held responsible for their political and economic overreach?
  • How will future governments pay for the largess and short-sightedness of recent political decisions?
  • How can a nation-state survive (let alone find balance) when faced with the growing impact of a run-away, run amok, out-of-control debt machine?
  • What role will the central banks have in finding solutions to the issues and problems that primarily find their root and point of origin inside of their own policies? An perhaps very existence?

First National Bullion, a national precious metals leader believes that responsible parties and business, community, religious and industry leaders across a broad spectrum need to engage in a nationwide discussion focused upon: Fiscal Sanity and Sound, Fiscal Policies.

FNB urges investors, speculators, bondholders and all who manage and oversee portions of their family’s financial portfolio begin now to migrate larger allocations into the historical safe havens of: Gold and Silver.

FNB questions Mr. Lindsey’s judgement and does not think the current US economic conditions are indeed: “Goldilocks.”

Jon Cavuoto,

Owner and Founder,

First National Bullion