Gold $2,373.20   $-43.00  Silver $28.08   $-1.11  Platinum $945.00   $-20.60  Palladium $927.50   $-21.50

Gold: $ 1276.00 Silver: $ 15.08 Platinum: $ 895.00 Palladium: $ 1416.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Thursday, April 17, 2019

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Today, FNB examines the role that gold and silver occupy for technology.

Expanded Role of Gold and Silver in Global Technology:

Each and every year, year upon year metrics prove out that gold and silver continue to be both staples and mainstays for all types of technologies. Consider that both gold and silver are required operational components for:

Phones and laptops and computer screens
Flat-screen TV’s
Hospital monitors that range across multiple platforms
GPS devices and global tracking and positioning systems
Defense department and weapons’ systems
Spacecraft and long-travel space station systems
Solar panels and solar conductivity
Water purification and desalination process

There are almost no technological devices, whether these be individual units, or networking components that do not rely, and rely heavily upon gold and silver as key agents of conductivity.

Reasons Gold and Silver Work Well for Technology:

Both gold and silver have unique elemental structures that allow their metallic baselines to safely and fluidly interact with other metals.

Both metals, while light and soft in composition are malleable and easily adapted to almost any configuration that designers find necessary to make their devices function properly.

Both metals, behave in ways to reduce friction and to ease heat expansion. Gold and silver are excellent heat-retardants and also lubricants that significantly reduce metal fractionalization.

Both gold and silver have the ability to ‘non-react’ to other baser metals. The value add here is that gold and silver have the unique capacity to make other metals, metals that tend to be both more corrosive and greater generators of heat much more reliable.

Both gold and silver are indispensable for technology because of their durability. Gold and silver simply do not devolve quickly. Their combined conductivity and heat-resistant and durability qualities last far longer than other lesser metals.

Gold and silver are substantial component parts for many technologies to thrive and function at high levels.

Tomorrow, FNB addresses the looming shrinkage in mined tonnage and how that potentially will see serious and long-term spikes in the prices and valuations for both gold and silver.

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