Gold $2,357.50   $-1.60  Silver $28.31   $0.03  Platinum $978.60   $-15.10  Palladium $1,059.00   $-5.50

Gold Price Approaches $ 1400.00:

Gold:  $ 1395.40  Silver: $ 15.35  Platinum: $ 814.00 Palladium:  $ 1513.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Friday, June 21, 2019

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In our last session, FNB addressed gold prices breaking through the $ 1350.00 price resistance levels. In this session, FNB looks at how high can the price of gold go? And what are new resistance levels that investors should be aware of, and looking for.

Gold Price Approaching $ 1400.00:

Some stats and relevant facts that smart investors should be aware of:

  • Gold prices are up $ 28.70 which represents a 2.11 % rise in price
  • Gold prices are up $ 114 + USD over the last 30 days which represents a 8.98 % rise in price
  • Gold prices are up $ 120 + USD over the last twelve months which represents a 9.5 % rise in price year-to-year comparison

The FED recently held its quarterly meeting. The FED Chairman, Mr. Powell provided strong indication that The FED will do whatever is required to continue the current economic expansion.

FED Chairman Powell stated that his institution would take measures:

  “…as appropriate to sustain the expansion…”

The recent rise in Gold prices are a welcome development for longtime gold holders and long-term gold investors.

$ 1500.00 Gold in 2019?

The big question that investors and smart money people are asking is:

   “Can the price of Gold reach and then eclipse $ 1500 + USD in fiscal 2019?”

Many people and financial gurus think the $ 1500 + USD price levels for Gold is very possible and in-fact even probable in 2019.Why? The main and compelling reason seems to be one word: inflation.

As other goods, commodities, services and even the amount of dollars continue to inflate, it makes perfect sense to think that gold will follow suit.

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