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Is CHINA ADDING SILVER to its Accumulation Stockpile?

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Dateline: Thursday, July 18, 2019

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In our last session, FNB dove deep into expanding corporate debt pools and the new financial hazard that is: BBB and Lower Graded Corporate Debt.

In this session, FNB addresses what happens when the economic bubble–both at the federal and corporate levels: bursts.

Something Big is Happening RE: SECRET SILVER ACCUMULATION:

Silver accumulation is happening in large, hidden behind the scenes and yet noticeable ways. Someone, no one can be quite certain who this is quite yet is going net long on silver futures.

Someone, many think it is the nation of China using JP Morgan as proxy, is very bullish on the purchase and accumulation of silver future’s contracts.

According the the most recent CFTC reporting data available:

A single trading group has amassed 50,000 future’s contracts on silver
This long position represents 20 % of silver’s available open interest
Each contract represents the ability to leverage 5,000 ounces of silver

The Trail of Evidence Leads to China:

The speculation is that the central bank of China is the one, single entity that has positioned themselves to greatly benefit from a silver-price-surge.

The speculation is that JP Morgan is purchasing these contracts in behalf of their large, institutional client that is: the central bank of China. Stay tuned…

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