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The purification of precious metals is referred to as refining. You have the option to either let professionals refine the metals or handle the procedures yourself, including some of those mentioned below. Refining the products can increase the value of each precious metal, strengthening your collection. Keep reading to learn more about the details involved in refining precious metals, brought to you by the experienced professionals from First National Bullion and Coin, the best place to sell gold in San Diego.


Precious metals such as gold cannot be used in their raw form. The removal of alloys and amalgam from metals purifies them, enabling you to transform them into different shapes and styles or retain their traditional stone and bar composition to enhance your collection’s usefulness.

The goal of the electrolysis method is to maintain the integrity of the precious metal. The use of a few chemicals and labor makes this procedure environmentally friendly. Considered one of the most popular methods, this process excels at restoring metals to their purest states. Electrolysis doesn’t produce gaseous fumes or gasses with unpleasant smells.


By suspending your piece and linking it to a car battery, you can refine the metal after it has been safely immersed in saltwater. Once the car battery and other authorized electrical appliances are powered up, the current will typically flow through the precious metal, causing it to dissolve. Once it’s dissolved completely, you’ll need to add a selective precipitant, which turns the piece back into a pure precious metal.

Keep in mind this process may not work for every type of precious metal. For instance, saltwater refining is best for gold and platinum, as silver can often be recovered with the process, but it won’t purify your pieces.


This refining process is also referred to as aqua regia. During this step in refining various alloys, such as gold and silver, a mixture of acids and chemical products is utilized. This method generally requires the use of two acids, hydrochloric and nitric. To ensure safety, especially if you’re unfamiliar with refining, consider replacing nitric acid with a product such as SubZero. When precious metals are sealed in units with these forms of acid, the procedure will scrub away the fumes, acids, and other impurities. Removing the corrosion can refine your precious metals.

One of the benefits of using this method is that almost all the necessary chemicals can be found locally and are typically inexpensive. If the products haven’t been authorized, avoid using them, as the chemicals could have a destructive effect on your precious metals, the environment, and your health.

Benefits of Refining

Refining is essential in the world of precious metals, as the process will allow for a purer metal, making it more valuable. Regardless of the applications the precious metals are used for, such as jewelry, coins, or bars, refining is necessary. When refined, the precious metals will have enhanced durability, making them easier to sell, trade, or use.

Before purchasing gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, ensure the metals have been refined. Whether for investment or collecting purposes, high-quality products are essential when it comes to precious metals. 

If you’re looking for the best place to purchase San Diego silver bars, gold coins, and other forms of precious metals, reach out to the trustworthy professionals at First National Bullion. We can answer all your questions and help you find all the information you need on how precious metals can be great investments. Give one of our experienced dealers a call today.

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