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Rose gold is a fairly new type of gold, so it’s still somewhat mysterious to many people. Unless you’re a serious jewelry aficionado, you probably don’t know much about what rose gold really is. Is rose gold really the same as gold? The precious metals experts from First National Bullion and Coin answer this question below.

What Is Rose Gold Made Of?

From a technical viewpoint, rose gold is a type of gold alloy. This means it’s solid gold melted down and mixed with other alloys. Rose gold is made by blending gold with specific amounts of silver and copper. The silver lightens the metal, while the copper gives it a reddish hue. The end result is gold with a soft pink tint. Rose gold is measured with the same karat system as yellow gold. This means both 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold will consist of 75 percent gold.

What Are the Different Types of Rose Gold?

Not all items labeled as “rose gold” will actually contain real gold. The confusion comes from the fact that rose gold is also a term used for any metallic pinkish-gold finish. Just like there’s gold-colored costume jewelry, there’s also rose gold-colored jewelry. These items are usually made from a cheap metal like nickel that’s coated with a metallic pink finish. Much like regular gold, actual rose gold can usually be identified by a karat stamp or other mark of authenticity. If you’re in doubt, you can take it to a jeweler, who can test the metal’s purity.

Is Rose Gold or Yellow Gold Pricier?

Since rose gold contains the same amount of gold as regular gold, there usually isn’t much of a price difference. Both 14k yellow gold and 14k rose gold will usually cost roughly the same. However, if the rose gold is made into a finished piece of jewelry, there will be a little more variation. Rose gold is often used in more elaborate settings and bigger designs, so it can be a little pricier. Jewelry trends also affect costs, so if rose gold isn’t particularly popular at the moment, rose gold might be cheaper than yellow gold. 

How Does Rose Gold Differ from Regular Gold?

Though rose gold is very similar to regular yellow gold, the unique alloy does have some differences. Most types of white and silver gold will tarnish over the years. However, rose gold contains copper, which is a somewhat unusual metal. Instead of tarnishing, it will just slightly deepen in color. Rose gold is also a little more durable than yellow gold. Thanks to the sturdy copper, rose gold is a little less likely to get scratched or dented. This sturdiness also means rose gold can be a little trickier to work with, so some jewelers may be less comfortable resizing rose gold rings.

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