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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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In this session, FNB examines the Russian government’s obsessive pursuit of Gold Bullion.


The Russian Government is on an obsessive pursuit to purchase, hoard and stockpile as much Gold Bullion Reserves as it can locate, find and then securely place inside of its arsenal of assets.

Consider Some Facts:

Russia is far and away the largest buyer of gold bullion right in recent years
Russia has quadrupled its Gold Bullion Reserve Holdings since 2009
Russia’s Gold Bullion Reserve comes from its own internal national production capabilities
Russian Bullion Reserves account for less than 20 % of the nation’s asset class
By comparison, the United States’ Gold Bullion Reserve represents over 75 % of its national asset classes
In 2019 the Nation of Russia consumed over 90 % of its national Gold Bullion production for captive reserve
The facts speak to the fact that:
“Whoever owns the most Gold has the power…”

The nation of Russia is determined to build its natural wealth. Gold and silver historically created and produce and insure: financial security and financial risk mitigation.

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Jon Cavuoto,
Founder and Owner,
First Nation Bullion
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