Gold $2,334.40   $30.40  Silver $29.59   $0.55  Platinum $966.20   $8.60  Palladium $904.00   $6.90

Gold: $ 1287.60 Silver: $ 14.69 Platinum: $ 840.00 Palladium: $ 1348.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Thursday, May 16, 2019

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In this session, FNB examines the prospect and the possible implementation of digital transactions.

No More Cash Transactions and Dispersion:


The world has lived on ‘Reserve Notes’ for nearly hundreds of years.
I want you to imagine your life without CASH.
I want you to think through what life is like without bills, coins rattling around in your purse, ‘change’ and ‘making change’, physical wallets and writing checks.
Cashless Transactions are Coming to You and Your City:
The days of CASH are severely limited. Companies and governments are right now creating systems that will sundown and then 100 % sunset: CASH.
What does your life look like when CASH no longer works?

Electronic and digitally based currencies perhaps have fictional value: think this through a bit: ‘who decides and determines the value of a digital currency’? Can this value be changed or altered without any notification or seeming reason?

CASH is no longer accepted: there are many people that hoard CASH. These people keep piles and piles of currency hidden away for ‘emergency purposes’. When digital currencies fully arrive and receive thorough economic reach, CASH reserves will no longer work, let alone be accepted to satisfy transactions

Digital currency is the ultimate ‘Game Changer’! The government decides and determines who can receive deposits into their approved accounts. And the government can censure and even ban groups from the freedom of performing transactions
Jump Gate! There is a day, a specific day coming when CASH will no longer function or be useful in our economy. This day is going to realign economic interests globally

In our next session, FNB addresses how the economic ‘reset’, or, financial re calibration is going to impact lives and economies.

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