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Buy GOLD and SILVER: Presidents and the Federal Reserve: Part Four:

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Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Thursday, January 09, 2020

FNB is a precious metals industry leader. Each weekday, we post information and financial facts (and opinions!) that relate directly to the financial markets and also that have direct impact upon the daily lives of investors.

In our last session, FNB continued our discussion of the rocky relationship that has historically existed between Presidents and The Federal Reserve.

In this session, FNB keeps looking into how some of our nation’s Presidents have run into deep conflict with this group of un-elected elitists.

Rocky Relationship Between PRESIDENTS and FEDERAL RESERVE:

“The Government should create, issue and circulate all of its currency. Any credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of the consumers (should be the sole responsibility of the Government). By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.”
Abraham Lincoln

Mobocracy vs. A Representative Republic:

President Lincoln fought hard against the aggression of the banking cartels in his day. Many believe Lincoln’s greatest achievement was indeed his capacity to withstand the pressure to create a single national bank.

President Lincoln had a much different version of the future of America than did the banking cartel of his day. President Lincoln laid out a clear and precise financial plan in 1861 as a direct affront to what he viewed as a ‘clear and present’ threat of the banking cartel.

President Lincoln viewed the banking cartel as a ‘mobocracy’. A ‘mobocracy’ is a nation that is run by a group of thugs and miscreants that only seek their own gain at the direct expense of the citizens.

Lincoln Sought and Fought For:

A national regulated private banking system which issued cheap credit to industry builders
Government issued ‘legal-tender’ in the form of paper currency
Safe and few ‘low-interest’ bonds let to the general public the proceeds of which would go directly to benefit the nation’s government
Increased and stiff tariffs on all international products until the nation’s industries were able to ably compete
The government construction of railroads stretching into the middle of the South
The government promotion of industrialization over those parts of the nation where commerce lagged

President Lincoln believed that any nation that surrendered its sovereign right to own and print and manage its own currency would toil in poverty.

In our next session, FNB will look into President Woodrow Wilson’s clashed swords with this group of unelected elitists.

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