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GOLD and SILVER: Can Debt Build Unending National Wealth? Part Three:

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Dateline: Wednesday, August 21, 2109

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In our last session, FNB continued a five-part series that asks the question: “Can a dependence upon debt build unending national wealth?”

In this session, FNB thinks through broad structural economic change.

Broad and Systemic Structural Economic Change:


In order for big economic growth to come to the United States of America, ‘big changes’ have to take place. Big changes would cause seismic shifts in the national economy.

What kind of ‘Big Changes’ are necessary in order for Americans to mature past a debt reliance and into an equity based national wealth? Here are some ‘Big Changes’ to consider:

Wage inequality: the topic of ‘not enough’ and scarcity has to be thought through. It’s not enough to start handing out money to those who are ‘less than’. There have to be well-thought out strategies for how to alter and bring systemic improvement to those citizens that live with ‘less than’
Distribution of Wealth: the matter of redistribution seems to be an endless topic. The matter of redistribution of wealth seems to be an eternal topic. The matter of redistribution of wealth seems to be a soulless topic. The point is pretty clear that the Uber wealthy care very little for or about the needs and restraints that others face on a daily basis. At some point in our nation’s history the matter of equality of resources will become a front and center discussion topic

Lift–as in–Economic Lift: the companion ‘big change to the first two items mentioned is the power of: “Lift.” Right now, our nation stands at a crossroads of sorts. Men and women of modicum means just may possess the intellectual and moral firepower to re-imagine and re-engineer our entire economic system. The ‘Lift’ that is necessary is some kind of financial capacity that can be readily accessed to build such firepower
Education and Expanded Opportunity: the compass needle points towards: “Next.” There need to be coordinated efforts to teach business and economic empowerment skills to larger and larger portions of our citizenry

Big Changes! Big Changes that produce large, systemic economic improvement. This is the big goal for FNB: to bring men and women of every class, culture, race and ethnicity to the place where they eschew poverty and embrace economic freedom.

In our next session, FNB will continue the discussion of: “Can debt build a nation?” Our next discussion will envision a future that includes equities that shore up all foggy economic bottoms.

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