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GOLD and SILVER: Can The Price of Gold Hit and Exceed $ 2000 per Ounce: Part Three:

Gold: $ 1423.80 Silver: $ 16.48 Platinum: $ 879.00 Palladium: $ 1543.00

Dateline: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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In our last session, FNB examined the pressing and highly relevant question: “Can the price of Gold Hit and then exceed $ 2000 per ounce?”

In this session, we continue to probe the question: “Can the price of Gold hit and then exceed $ 2000 per ounce?”

Gold at $ 2000 per OUNCE? Is this Price Target Possible:

A bit of history: on August 22, 2011, the price of gold hit $ 1917.90. The price seemed a bit bubbly and retreated from that historical peak.


Since that time gold has struggled and the price has seen a distinct retreat. The lowest price of gold per Troy ounce in the last 10 years bottomed out at: $ 932.75.

Parabolic Surge:

In the last twelve months, the price of gold has risen over $ 195.00 per ounce. That represents a whopping 16 % YTD rise in price.

The gold chart is showing a near perfect, ‘parabolic surge’. The question FNB is asking is: can this surge be sustained? And can the price of gold hit and then exceed $ 2000 per ounce?

FNB is looking at conditions that we believe have to be factored into the equation. FNB believes that there is a distinct possibility of the price of gold hitting and then exceeding $ 2000 per Troy ounce in the future.

In our last session, FNB listed some issues that affect and directly impact the price and valuation of both gold and silver. Now, let’s break some of these issues into discussion pieces. Let’s spend the remainder of today’s session looking @: The FED and Interest Rates.

The FED and Interest Rates:

President Trump is lobbying heavily for The FED to lower interest rates. During this week, The FED is expected to lower interest rates at least ¼ of a point. The FED is expected to do at least one (1) more interest rate reduction in fiscal 2019.

This lowering of rates triggers inflation. Make no mistake about this. Have no doubts about this: this lowering of interest rates triggers an inflationary cycle.

In our next session, FNB looks at the limited tools remaining in central banks’ tool chest going forward.

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