Gold $2,331.40   $-5.30  Silver $30.30   $0.00  Platinum $1,026.20   $-1.20  Palladium $984.50   $3.30

Malaysian Prime Minister Floats EAST ASIA GOLD BACKED CURRENCY:

Gold: $ 1324.00 Silver: $ 14.85 Platinum: $ 822.00 Palladium: $ 1353.00

Dateline: Del Mar, CA: Tuesday, June 04, 2019

FNB is a precious metals industry leader. Each weekday, we post information and financial facts (and opinions!) that relate directly to the financial markets and also that have direct impact upon the daily lives of investors.

In our last session, FNB examined the chess match that happens every, single month between financial gurus and economic pundits RE: what is the date the financial markets reset?

The question does not seem to be, ‘if’ this economic reset will take place, but rather, when this shift will occur.

FNB now looks into recent statements by the Malaysian Prime Minister calling for a unified, GOLD BACKED EAST ASIAN COMMON CURRENCY.

Malaysian Prime Minister Calls for Common, Gold-Backed East Asia Currency:

Mahathir Mohamad, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia recently floated the idea of a common, gold-backed regional trading currency for all of East Asia.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia slammed the US’s heavy-handed foreign policy.

Mahathir Mohamad said,

“…in the far East, if you want to come together, we should start with a common trading currency, not to be used locally but for the purpose of settling of trade.”


The remarks were made at the Nikkei Future of Asia conference in Japan. The Prime Minister went on to say:

“…the currency should be based on gold because gold is much more stable (than fiat currencies)…”
The Prime Minister warned against any one country developing and then promoting its own (singular) currency. As this would result in the expansion of economic conflicts and minimize financial cooperation in the region.

FNB understands that competing currencies around the globe will continue to be put forth as governments seek to find stability in the face of mounting US DEBT surpluses.

Gold and/or silver-backed and pegged national currencies will become safe havens and even protectionist, economic realities as nations work to find suitable long-term trading currencies in the face of ever expanding global FIAT! Policies

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