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QE to Infinity and NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES: Part One:

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Dateline: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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In our last session, FNB examined plunging rates of return. Now, FNB looks into negative interest rates and how these affect national economies.

The Prospect of Negative Interest Rates:


“Negative interest rates are when you pay the bank to keep your money on deposit.”

Imagine a scenario when you deposit cash into a reserve account, a savings account or a checking account. Generally, you think that the bank will indeed, ‘pay’ you interest on your deposited funds.

When a national economy institutes the policy of ‘negative interest rates’, at the end of each calendar cycle, the bank imputes a charge to you for depositing and storing funds in their institution.

The longer the period of time that negative interest rates are imputed upon a national economy, the larger the amount of fees and payments that depositors and/or account users must pay.

Some Issues Directly Attributable to Negative Interest Rates:

Here are just a few of the consequences, none of which are positive or beneficial to average depositors to consider, RE: the imputation of negative interest rates:

Widespread uncertainties: FUD = Fear + Uncertainty + Doubt flood investors and plague markets. Negative interest rates insert fear and uncertainty into national economies
Sweet Poison: negative interest rates are sometimes referred to as, ‘sweet poison’ because the very notion that investors and/or depositors have to pay institutions to warehouse and gain accept to their own personal funds is absurd at best and toxic in its after effects at worst
Bitter Pill: ‘Direct Intervention’ of this type (negative interest rates) is the precursor to recessions, potential market collapses and the awful prospect of bank and financial institutions’ bail-outs’
Discourage saving and encourage bank runs: the very implementation of ‘negative interest rates’ signals to depositors and investors that their best option is the flee and quickly exit markets. This kind of ‘panic’ leads to the high probability that investors and members and users will demand their cash
Hasten inflationary cycles: negative interest rates force prices to rise. Why? Because cash values start to devalue and dive southward
Cause people to flee banks and seek hard and stable assets

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